School Age Program

School Age Program
Tuition Rates
Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Included
Ms. Lauren

*After School Pick Up $75 Weekly
*Before and After School $85 Weekly
*Before School Only $35 Weekly
*After School Drop Off $35 (If Registered)
*Full-Time Winter, Spring Break and Summer  $125 Weekly
Annual Registration $100
Part-Time and Summer Registration $25
  • Our School Age Program boasts an enormous room full of engaging materials for ages Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. The Classroom is set up into more than ten hands on play centers. We aim to encompass them with learning activities that coincide with their school experiences in a fun and exciting way!
  • Early Release and After School Care- All children will have the opportunity to work on their homework with the assistance of the teacher.
  • Summer and Non-School Days/Weeks- Creative lessons are developed to make the best of the children’s down time. We host bounce houses, shows, theatres, off site field trips and more.
  • We hold conferences in November and April each year. The teachers and parents meet and discuss the children’s current progress and future goals.
  • We strive to have our School Age children feel at ease in our School Age Program. School Age Children face many challenges and stressors at school and we strive to be the home away from home that they need to feel safe and thrive.

School Age Program Features:

  • 15 Thematic Play Centers
  • Chapel
  • Calm Down/ Quiet Space
  • Sand and Water Activity Area
  • Computer Center
  • Monthly Bounce Houses